Drift (Ongoing)

Interested in the sound of information, I engaged in the idea of collecting identity, a fingerprint, and was surprised at how willingly people I knew and had no connection with participated.  A bottle was set to float down the river with collected information.  Pondering the bottle floating in the river, a book titled “Drift, Catalogue A” was created.  It contained only the fingerprint and no information about its owner.  The realization of its uselessness was evident as information appeared only important to its owner, perhaps if they felt it might be jeopardized in some way.

In this technological era, I thought about the base point of information, “binary” and how irrelevant it is.  We don’t see it, yet it encircles us.  I sense there is such an overwhelming amount of information surrounding us daily, we are numb to it’s utility.  We crave it, yet we dispose readily of it.  I was interested in how this would sound and whether it could convey its mundane utility, which form an additional collection.

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