Anthology of Printmakers (2008)

Anthology of Printmakers Colouring Book (2008)

Organized by Akemi Nishidera of Kozo Studio to support the Printmaking Department at Ontario College of Art and Design. The concept: a colouring book…for adults. The Anthology of Printmakers (2008) is both a handbound edition containing prints from 30 prominent Canadian artists as well as a copy edition of the prints.

The original limited handbound editioned book of prints sells at $300.00 (less than $10 per print!) and copies sell at $25.00. Profits for “The Anthology of Printmakers Coloring Book” support the Printmaking Department of O.C.A.D and the Artists Health Centre Foundation.

Contact Akemi Nishidera to purchase a limited handbound edition or a copy of Anthology of Printmakers at

Dancing in Three
Limited Edition Intaglio Print
Collette Broeders (c) 2007

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