Art Salon: Alchemy Throughout the Ages: Enlightenment Through Experience (Santa Fe, NM)

Modus Operandi II (Mixed Media drawing, 16 x 20)

Modus Operandi II

Art Salon: Spiritual Exploration and Expression Through Art “Enlightenment Through Experience”
An Exhibition of Alchemical, Mystical, Hermetic and Rosicrucian Art
September – October, 2010, Santa Fe, New Mexico

On September 24-26, 2010, the Rosicrucians of New Mexico will sponsor “Alchemy Throughout the Ages: Enlightenment Through Experience” a Conference of Alchemical, Hermetic and Rosicrucian Wisdom in Santa Fe, New Mexico. People of like consciousness, members and associates from across the U.S. and internationally will gather for three full days of lectures, presentations, workshops and events focused on alchemy.

The emphasis during the 2010 conference will be “Enlightenment Through Experience”. Included in the celebrations will be a digital “Esoteric Mysteries Salon” filled with artist’s work from all over the world. The conference and salon are open to the public.

The work will be shown the weekend of September 24, 25 and 26 in Santa Fe, New Mexico in conjunction with the conference titled “Alchemy Throughout The Ages: Enlightenment Through Experience” a conference of alchemical, hermetic and Rosicrucian wisdom produced by the New Mexico chapter of the Rosicrucian order. As of this writing, the Art Salon will be shown in two locations during the conference.

Friday night the work will be shown during the opening reception of the conference at the Hotel St. Francis, just one block off the main square in Santa Fe. The Art Salon will also be shown during the conference on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Lodge of Santa Fe.

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