Maps of Obsession, Rotunda Gallery (Kitchener, ON) *Solo

Maps of Obsession
Find your way to the Rotunda Gallery (ground floor, Kitchener city hall) in February, 2011

Collette Broeders presents Maps of Obsession February 1-28, 2011
Artist’s reception: Thursday, February 3, 5-7pm

Patterns form maps of obsession in Rotunda Gallery’s February exhibit

KITCHENER –February’s Rotunda Gallery artist, Collette Broeder, maps time, space and experience by making art. Her journey through past and present, through memory, leaves something tangible behind. The exhibit, Maps of Obsession, charts the artist’s progress.

Using a combination of materials, Broeders performs a daily ritual of creativity and exploration with lines, patterns and colours, to convey a sense of real or imaginary space. Eventually she arranges her drawings in grid patterns to give the drawings a broader context. The viewer is drawn to navigate or travel through this history of experience. Arrayed in the grid system, the drawings preserve and protect memory.

“In many respects, it is the repetition involved in the creative process itself that motivates my work,” says Broeders. “The very acts of doing, experiencing and producing evoke a ritual consciousness.” Broeders herself admits to the obsessive nature of her creative work. Fifteen evocative drawings will be displayed throughout the month.

Broeders, who lives in Ontario, is a mixed media artist merging traditional processes with new media who has been exhibiting nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions. A minimal exposure to her personal mixed heritage prompted the exploration of identity, culture and memory. She worked in accounting and database development for several years before completing a BA of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) at University of Windsor in 2009.

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