Performance Art, Synchronicity No. 6, one ten park, Windsor, ON

Synchronicity No. 6

Performative drawings by Collette Broeders “Synchronicity No. 6”.

“Synchronicity No. 5”, 2.25 hours, Graphite on Stonehenge, 2012

In performance drawing of “Synchronicity” series, Broeders investigates symmetrical motions of repetition using her body as an instrument to imprint geometric patterns of line. The drawings are performed in private and public space and examine the limitations of the body with continuous motion over several hours until a state of exhaustion is reached. She executes the drawing in a hypnotic rhythm and meditative state that manifests itself into physical form to ultimately unite the viewer with the intimacy of the experience.

A Performance drawing by Collette Broeders of continual rhythmic motion was completed December 31, 2012 at the one ten windows of one ten park : a working space.

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