Summer Art Fest: Artcite Inc., Windsor, ON


Collette Broeders is participating in ARTCITE’S “SUMMER ART FEST” Located in sites throughout downtown Windsor. Artcite Inc., Windsor’s only non-profit, artist-run centre for the Contemporary Arts, presents its 6th annual ARTCITE’S SUMMER ART FEST (previously Visual Fringe) featuring the contemporary works from Windsor-Essex, Detroit area and U.S. artists in downtown galleries, businesses, storefronts and non-traditional venues from July 19 – August 3, 2013.

This FREE ADMISSION event is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the local art scene. Exhibits feature sculptural installations, photographs, drawings, paintings and a satellite gallery.

Visit or drop by Artcite Inc. (109 University Ave. West) for the most up-to-date list of participating artists and spaces and a convenient map & guide!

Clock Puncher Key
Clock Puncher

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Summer Art Fest Artists:

Donna Akrey, Christian Aldo, Ashleigh Arca, Bask, Jeff Bassett, Vaughn Bénéteau, Nicole Beno, Brianna Benore, Jackie Black, Daniel Bombardier aka D3N!@L, Lisa Bonnici, Marla Botterill, Dylan Brecka, Collette Broeders, Broken City Lab, Christine Burchnall, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, Nicolas de Cosson, Adrian Deva, Mike DiFazio, Michael DiRisio, Marilyn Dolle, Terry Dolle, Vasilica Dumitriu, Susan Duxter, Murad Erzinclioglu, Fatima Fakih & April Morris, Shelley Faoro, Joan Farago, Rain Farooqi, Greg Fedall, Karen Ferencik, Larry Ferris, Ben Frost, Sean F’n Gammon, Stephen Gibb, Gilbert Gilbert, Bill Grant, Alma Hadzalic, G Hawk, Megan Heeres, Melise Hill, Nicole Hutchinson, Paul Jacobs, Aaron James, Ed Janzen, Vince Kalinowski, Qpaukl a. Kimmerly, Tamara l. Kimmerly, Neda Laketic, Tim Laskey, Blaine Lavigne, Brandon Lemire, Audio Lodge – Troy Ouellette & Kevin Curtis-Norcross, Liz Lojewski, Jessica Lukas, Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald, Matt Maenpaa, Sue Marentette, Conan Masterson, Greg Maxwell, Sergio Mazzotta, Karen McConnell, Vicki McKay, Les Menard, Mr., April Morris, Jim Mroczkowski, Stephen G.A. Mueller, Veronica Murawski, Victoria Murawski, Calum Noade, Mary-Jane Nohra, Nychos, Lindsey O’Neil, Tania Palcong, Water Petrichyn, Jon Pickell, John Pike, Brian Pitman, Allen Plant, Debbie Powell, Tim Power, Jude Quick, Anna Rencz, Rosina Riccardo, Tatjana Ristic, Korinne Robertson, Lynda Ruddock-Rousseau, Peter Samoray, John Sauve, Dennis Schwartzentruber, Nadia Silvestri, Donnita Simpson, Graeme Skelton, Jordan Smith, Cerah Steele, Adele Steinberg, Maicee Swift, Heather Teahan, Irina Teske, Shannon Thompson, Lindsay Whalen, Carol Anne Winters, Holly Wolter, Owen Eric Wood, Stellas Works, Alba Zagorcani

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