Leamington Art Centre, “After Work”, Leamington, ON

After Work featuring Douglas MacLellan and Collette Broeders at the Leamington Art Centre

July 5, 2016 – July 30, 2016
Reception: July 23, 2016 (1 – 3pm)

About “After Work“:
After Work is a multimedia exhibition that attempts to answer the question “what do some migrant workers do after work?” Collette Broeders and Douglas MacLellan visited the Leamington area over four months in 2015 to find out.

Essex County is the temporary home over the calendar year for 5,000 to 5,500 workers from foreign lands–mostly from Mexico and Jamaica. These workers were well documented (Larry Towell and Vincenzo Pietropaola for photography, Min Sook Lee for video) yet Broeders and MacLellan felt they could add another dimension. Broeders and MacLellan thought migrant workers were typically portrayed as diligent yet anonymous workers toiling in the fields and usually portrayed from a decidedly political point of view. With that in mind they decided to focus on “after work” in an effort to humanize the worker and in as apolitical a manner as possible.

Broeders and MacLellan expected to see certain scenes yet in the end were surprised by the outcome — nuance, complexity and politics. Revealed were hard working, (mostly) men, who missed their families and understood they were contributing to the well being of those families. Also made known were resentment over production quotas, lack of extra pay for working overtime and a lack of solidarity between workers and community supporters.

The exhibition features thirty prints and two videos. Broeders and Maclellan invite the workers, community supporters and community to meet and view their work as well as gather informally to discuss topics of mutual concern in an effort to make work conditions more fair and safe as well is introduce individual groups to the other.

After Work was produced with a grant from from Windsor Workers Education Centre. The final object for the grant was a handmade folio consisting of inkjet prints and text, and can be seen at WWEC. After Work was on display in two locations (WWEC, one ten park : a working space) during MayWorks Windsor 2016. The third version of After Work takes place as a multimedia exhibition at Leamington Arts Centre in July 2016. The location is in Leamington’s Uptown area, the site of entertainment and commerce for many workers during their short time after work.

Collette Broeders is a Windsor based visual artist working from one ten park : a working space. Douglas MacLellan is a Windsor based independent professional photographer.

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