Dwelling, Artcite Inc., Windsor, Ontario

Exhibition: March 22-April 30, 2019
Reception: March 22 (7-10pm)

Artcite, Inc.
109 University Avenue West,
Windsor, Ontario

Collette Broeders, Elaine Carr, Susan Gold, Sasha Opeiko, Thomas Provost, A. G. Smith, Martin Stevens

Members of the exhibiting group for Dwelling have made their home in Windsor, Ontario and are directly or implicitly informed by this region. They each have very different histories and diverse approaches to contemporary art practices. Through shared discussions and studio visits, they have come together to collaborate on a project that focuses their efforts on the concept of “dwelling.” To create the project, they met together to discuss their thoughts and modes of production, discovering similarities and differences. Their work together includes a WOIT (Working On It) Residency Project at Artcite in May 2018. They have allowed their experience and free exchange of thought to influence their own studio work.

All seven artists have found affinity with the concept of “dwelling” in their work – through construction and deconstruction, research and experience, interiority and exteriority, processes and responsive modes of art-making, and with memory and being. Dwelling also contains perspectives of exteriority, reflecting ideas of habitat, environment, place, space, and social exchange.

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