Process and Material, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois USA

Join Collette Broeders along with other artists for an exhibit, Process and Material at Woman Made Gallery!

(Image: artwork detail by Yoonshin Park)

Coming August, 2020
Opening Reception: TBA
Closing Reception: TBA
Woman Made Gallery • 2150 S Canalport Ave, 4A-3, Chicago, IL 60608
Dial 354 to enter building | 312-738-0400 |
Open Th-Fri 12-6 pm | Sat-Sun 12-4 pm | Closed on Major Holidays

Oftentimes, artists pursue their unparalleled originality and one of a kind making process through their own inventive and unique adaptations of traditional techniques. The processes reflect the artists’ insights and experiences in creation, and it becomes a work of art itself. Other times, everyday objects and raw elements can challenge many makers to push the boundaries of the common perception and expectation of the material. It is also through the artists’ eyes that we see the hidden potential of the material.

Juror: Yoonshin Park
Yoonshin Park is working with sculptural papers, artist books, and installation. Her main media concentration is pulp, paper and artist books. Her interest in comprehensive process of paper making and book binding caters her work to encompass various elements woven into complete objects.

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